Accounting made easy through colour

3 March 2016 | Published by AME

By Mark Samowitz via Skills Portal

To the non-accountant, accounting is a threatening word. The privileged few who have studied the subject have the key to unlock the language and the mystery while the rest are left behind trying to decipher the meaning of financial jargon and interpret financial statements. Accounting Made Easy is the antidote, the illusive key that unravels the mystery and makes accounting understandable and accessible for everyone. It’s the new, colour-coded finance for non-financial managers. In just one day, we remove the confusion and bring clarity to journal entries, general ledgers, accrual accounting, financial statements and ratio analysis.

Impossible – you might say. Improbable at best. And you would be correct – if we were teaching accounting using traditional methods, thick textbooks and boring lecturers. Accounting Made Easy has a different approach. In our workshop, interactive game boards and coloured pieces tell the accounting story. This learning methodology makes accounting accessible. It is a return to basic principles – our colour-coded boards become interactive balance sheets and income statements, and the board pieces represent your set of accounts – every journal entry is tracked in real time using coloured stickers. The principles of accounting emerge in a non-threatening, methodical, one day course that takes the non-accountant from zero to hero. The learning is not lecture-based but discovery-based. Through the colour-coded visuals, delegates discover how accounting works. They decipher and make sense of financial statements, transforming them into useful tools for business decision-making rather than meaningless numbers.

Many of our delegates express that prior to attending the Accounting Made Easy, they always felt that there was a gaping hole in their business acumen. Post-course feedback has revealed that Accounting Made Easy has plugged that hole by removing the fear from accounting and empowered delegates to make better business decisions. Accounting is the language which tells the business story, and without this key knowledge, it is difficult to climb the ladder of corporate success and make informed business decisions. If you knew there was colour-coded key which took you on a 1-day journey to financial literacy, wouldn’t you want it too?