Academy XII delegates tackle accounting

3 March 2016 | Published by AME

By Bidvest – Group Panorama

Once again Mark Samowitz has been tasked with taking the delegates through his “Accounting Made Easy” programme. (Accounting Made Easy has also developed courses for Prestige, Bidvest Bank and Bidvest Financial Services.)
As Mark explains: “to the non-accountant, “accounting” can be a threatening word. The privileged few who have studied the subject have the key to unlock the language and the mystery while the rest are left behind trying to decipher the meaning of financial jargon and interpret financial statements.
“We believe that “Accounting Made Easy” is the antidote, the illusive key that unravels the mystery and makes accounting understandable and accessible for everyone. Our aim is to remove the confusion and bring clarity to journal entries, general ledgers, accrual accounting, financial statements and ratio analysis.
“Impossible – you might say. Improbable at best. But we use a different approach. In our workshop, interactive game boards and coloured pieces tell the accounting story. This learning methodology makes accounting accessible. It is a return to basic principles – our colour-coded boards become interactive balance sheets and income statements and the board pieces represent your set of accounts – every journal entry is tracked in real time using coloured stickers. The principles of accounting emerge in a non-threatening, methodical, one-day course that takes the non-accountant from zero to hero. The learning is not lecture-based but discovery-based. Through the colour-coded visuals, delegates discover how accounting works. They decipher and make sense of financial statements, transforming them into useful tools for business decision-making rather than meaningless numbers.”
Good luck to our Bidvest Academy XII delegates. We look forward to hearing all about your experiences and receiving feedback on this wonderful growth opportunity.

What an Experience

The Bidvest Academy XI experience can be compared to being gifted with a state-of-the-art SLR camera, an upgrade from a standard ‘point and shoot’. Right from the pre-Academy workshops, an empowering learning environment was created. Delegates were immersed in working sessions dealing with realising self-awareness and appreciation of individual strengths, how to maximise management and leadership effectiveness while becoming increasingly aware of the economic, political and social factors affecting business.

Delegates were equipped to ‘adjust the manual settings’ in order to produce that ‘perfect shot’, rather than utilising the automatic setting to produce a mediocre result.

Participation in the Bidvest Academy programme requires hard work and commitment. Having to juggle family, work, studies, team and individual projects was no easy feat. Looking back, however, it was an invaluable experience and I am grateful for the knowledge gained, friendships forged, boundaries crossed and for being part of the Proudly Bidvest team.

Congratulations to all the 2014 Bidvest Academy XII delegates – it is what you make of it! Go to to view some behind-the-scenes footage of the Bidvest Academy XI teamestry.