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Is Accounting all about Maths?

By: Mark Samowitz | 8 July 2019 | Blogs

When I mention the word “ACCOUNTING” to non-accountants, they often respond with: “Accounting? Not for me! I was never good at Maths!” Most people associate accounting with Maths and numbers. But.. I disagree! Accounting is a language! The numbers simply help to quantify certain concepts. I’ll illustrate what I mean: If someone asks me for… View Article

Balance Sheet

Where did the balance sheet and income statement go?

By: AME | 11 July 2016 | Blogs

In case you’re not up to speed with the changes in accounting language – the balance sheet and the income statement are history. Our children and grandchildren will not know these terms and the terms will live in the accounting annals of history as relics for future generations. The new name for a balance sheet… View Article

Get cash from customers

Keep that Cash Flow Coming In – 8 tips to collect cash from customers more effectively

By: AME | 11 July 2016 | Blogs

Businesses often sell to customers on credit, offering them credit terms of between 30 and 60 days for the specific product or service they provided. Collecting the cash from these customers (also known as debtors or accounts receivable) can be a huge pain and very time consuming, but there are some practical steps you can… View Article

Finance for nonfinancial managers

What actually is ‘Finance for non-financial managers’?

By: AME | 11 July 2016 | Blogs

Finance for non-financial managers, also known as “finance for non-financials”, or “finance for non-financial people” is a course offered by many business schools and training companies. But, who is this course for, why is it needed and what is its’ ultimate purpose? We know that most companies have a financial manager – normally this is… View Article

Power of saving now

The Power of Saving Now – Not tomorrow – Now!!!

By: AME | 11 July 2016 | Blogs

We all know we need to save. But saving or investing, for a lot of people, falls into the category of: ‘Things I’ll do one day when I have time’ – And…You never get the time! The days, months and years march on. Sometimes the money just sits in a bank account earning very little… View Article

5 Ways to identify if your manager are financial literate

5 ways to identify If your employees need to be upskilled in financial literacy

By: AME | 10 April 2016 | Blogs

If your managers struggle with one or more of the items listed below, a small investment in financial literacy training may end up saving the company a fortune!! 1. Struggle to Read a P&L Most managers are accountable for their monthly P&L (profit and loss report) yet many struggle to understand, read and interpret this… View Article

Financial  Literacy

Financial Literacy – the key to your career success

By: AME | 10 April 2016 | Article

Master financial jargon Financial jargon rears its ugly head everywhere. You are reading the news and they use that word: Net Asset Value – what does that mean? You are applying for a car loan and they ask for your statement of assets and liabilities? What is that? How do I do that? I need… View Article


Tips to remember – Income is not Cash In

By: AME | 10 April 2016 | Article

Many people think that Income is the same thing as money in the bank.  But this is not necessarily the case.  Income is the Sales that we did that month, regardless of whether the cash has been collected or not.  This is because transactions are recorded when they have occurred in substance, and not just… View Article

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Visual Learning – A balance sheet in 3 pictures

By: AME | 4 April 2016 | Article

Do you find financial statements threatening? Do you have no idea what they’re trying to convey? Do you find the jargon and numbers like a maze with no exit? Well.. Financial statements should tell a story – a very simple, clear, understandable story about what happened in the business. Let’s begin to understand that story… View Article


The 5 most confusing accounting words

By: AME | 4 April 2016 | Article

Accounting is a language and not a science.  If you don’t speak the language, you can feel left out and stupid. On top of that, there are certain common accounting words or terms that can have multiple or ambigous meanings, leading to further confusion and misunderstanding.  Below we take a look at the 5 most… View Article


Assets are not the same as paid-off items

By: AME | 4 April 2016 | Article

“You don’t own your house, the bank does”. How often have you heard people saying this? From an accounting perspective, this is actually incorrect. For accounting purposes, we don’t look at whether an item has been fully paid off; we look at the concept of control to determine if you have an asset or not…. View Article

AME through colour

Accounting made easy through colour

By: AME | 3 March 2016 | Blogs

By Mark Samowitz via Skills Portal To the non-accountant, accounting is a threatening word. The privileged few who have studied the subject have the key to unlock the language and the mystery while the rest are left behind trying to decipher the meaning of financial jargon and interpret financial statements. Accounting Made Easy is the… View Article


Academy XII delegates tackle accounting

By: AME | 3 March 2016 | Blogs

By Bidvest – Group Panorama Once again Mark Samowitz has been tasked with taking the delegates through his “Accounting Made Easy” programme. (Accounting Made Easy has also developed courses for Prestige, Bidvest Bank and Bidvest Financial Services.) As Mark explains: “to the non-accountant, “accounting” can be a threatening word. The privileged few who have studied… View Article

AME and fun

Accounting Made Easy and Fun

By: AME | 3 March 2016 | Blogs

Most people see finance and creativity at opposite ends of the learning spectrum. But accounting specialist Mark Samowitz has found a way to combine the two in order to make accounting more accessible to ordinary people. Samowitz is the founder of Accounting Made Easy, a training company that offers onsite corporate courses as well as… View Article


Dispelling The Fear Of Financial Statements

By: AME | 2 March 2016 | Blogs

by Monique Verduyn, Accountancy SA As featured in Accountancy SA– July 2014 edition Entertainer, educator, accountant – Mark Samowitz is helping people to speak the language of business by demystifying the jargon of accounting. Monique Verduyn spoke to him. Accounting is not difficult – it is logical and easy to understand if taught correctly. That’s… View Article